The Calm in the Storm

I am returning from a very long blogging hiatus. As in… over a year. A very long time. To be honest, I’ve stayed away from a lot of things in the past year. Last year was a rewarding but emotionally draining and difficult year for me professionally. Being mid-Masters degree with a spouse in grad school full-time didn’t help during job action either. The line between personal and professional stress was blurred; I was on edge and overwhelmed. It just felt like life was enough on it’s own without the added stress of maintaining my online presence. So I just stopped.

Sometimes we need to walk away for awhile to stay sane and healthy. Fortunately, my time away helped me refocus my energy this year. It’s allowed me to refocus on my students and devote a lot of time to communication with parents. Unfortunately, I missed blogging a lot and all of the deep self-reflection that comes along with it. So… I’m officially back at it! Life will never stand still and there will always be SOMETHING… but a bit of calm in the storm is sometimes all we need to get up and going again.


Photo Credit: Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits via Compfight cc

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