Genius Hour In Progress!

I’ve mentioned before how excited I was about Genius Hour in September. However, for a variety of reasons (illness, students needing more support developing inquiry questions than I anticipated…) the actual genius part of Genius Hour – you know, the fun, pursuing our passions part – seemed to be delayed time and time again.

No longer!

Today, after a rough draft prior to Christmas break, we finally had our first complete, successful session of Genius Hour! I conferenced with each group and everyone is now officially learning about one of their passions. Creating DIY fashion from recycled clothing, constructing a soccer ball, exploring how helicopter motors work, and testing the validity of horse statistics on Wikipedia with real live horses are just a few of students’ amazing ideas. I am genuinely impressed with the questions my students are now exploring; They certainly aren’t projects I could have developed! Here’s to 4 weeks (and the rest of the year) of pursuing awesome passions!

Feel free to check out our project outlines at We welcome any feedback all you French speaking students or teachers out there can offer!

How are you helping your students pursue their passions?


One response to “Genius Hour In Progress!

  1. Congrats! I’ll let our “World Language” teachers know, so keep us updated! So excited for you, and for possibilities for students…

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