Work in Progress

I have been one excited teacher this year. There are just so many inspirational people and ideas out there! I’ve been told to focus on one thing at a time, and my response is always “…but I want to do it all!” The challenge I’m encountering is that there are sometimes too many things on the go and I’m feeling as though my students and I don’t have many “finished” products to show for our efforts.

1. 60 Second Digital Storytelling

Immediately after Surrey’s first Engaging the Digital Leaner session, I began making my own personal video and introduced the concept to my Music and Media class. They spent 5 class periods working on their videos about a day in our school. Some completed the full 60 seconds and many did not. I soon forgot about finishing my own project as well. At first, I was frustrated… but I still think the experience was valuable. There’s something to be said for exploring our creativity from new angles. Here is my unfinished digital story.

2. Genius Hour

Thanks to Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z) I stumbled across Genius Hour on Twitter this summer. I introduced it to my class the first week of school and many students were enthusiastic about passion based learning. Then I realized… they had no idea how to get started! It’s almost as if they didn’t know what to do with all of the freedom and creativity that Genius Hour offered. Having heard so much positive feedback, I had jumped in head first without considering this potential obstacle. We put Genius Hour on hold for awhile…

We did make a Curiosity Wall and a Wonder Wall, but we have not yet made it to the actual project stage. Hopefully within the next week we’ll be there, but here’s to sharing what we’ve done so far!

Curiosity Wall

Wonder Wall

We are always asking our students to take risks and put themselves out there. Are we as educators doing the same thing? What work in progress have you shared recently?


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